Photography is my passion. I decided I couldnt wait any longer to start doing what I love. Each photo session I learn more and more about becoming a great photographer. This journey has been amazing and I am only at the start. Help me capture this moment in your life and create a timeless photograph.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"I'm in a hurry to get things done..."

The spring season was full of lessons for me.  I remember just over two years ago when I really decided I wanted to take photography seriously and follow my dreams.  Even then, I knew it was something I loved and that I would maybe do some of my family’s pictures now and then.  But I never anticipated being where I am today, and this is only the climb.  I am in aww each time I book a client.  I am grateful knowing that I am being trusted to capture the true essence of the moment in someone’s life.  Each shoot I learn from.  I look back at my work I did a year ago and I am thankful for all the lessons I have gathered on my way.  It has been a wonderful adventure.  I cannot wait to see where it brings me.

I have enjoyed all the new people I have met over the last few months.  I am reminded how beautiful people are.  I try to pull the divine nature each person has and capture it in my work.  I dream of inspiring people with my photography.  I guess I am writing this today as a journal entry to my viewers.  I hope that a few years from today we can look back at this and see where this dream of mine takes me.  I would love if you were a part of it.

Also, I apologise for my procrastination in my blogging.  I promise to do better and tell you of all the fun things that happen on my shoots.

Until then, I'm signing off...


This is a busy time for seniors.  I forget how fun it was to be that age.  These kids are fearless.  There is not a thing I could ask them to do for the shoot that they would decline.  I love the energy and spunk they have.  It is exciting to know the roads that lay ahead of them.  A fabulous chapter in their life is about to begin.  I had the pleasure of helping them close this one with a bang... SENIOR PICTURES!!!!
Here is a quick post of some recent ones I have done.  I will be adding a couple more shoots to my website by this next week.  Check them out at