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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"I'm in a hurry to get things done..."

The spring season was full of lessons for me.  I remember just over two years ago when I really decided I wanted to take photography seriously and follow my dreams.  Even then, I knew it was something I loved and that I would maybe do some of my family’s pictures now and then.  But I never anticipated being where I am today, and this is only the climb.  I am in aww each time I book a client.  I am grateful knowing that I am being trusted to capture the true essence of the moment in someone’s life.  Each shoot I learn from.  I look back at my work I did a year ago and I am thankful for all the lessons I have gathered on my way.  It has been a wonderful adventure.  I cannot wait to see where it brings me.

I have enjoyed all the new people I have met over the last few months.  I am reminded how beautiful people are.  I try to pull the divine nature each person has and capture it in my work.  I dream of inspiring people with my photography.  I guess I am writing this today as a journal entry to my viewers.  I hope that a few years from today we can look back at this and see where this dream of mine takes me.  I would love if you were a part of it.

Also, I apologise for my procrastination in my blogging.  I promise to do better and tell you of all the fun things that happen on my shoots.

Until then, I'm signing off...


Kara said...

You have come so far, really, you are so fantastic at this. This particular picture is probably my favorite so far. Just amazing!

Kara said...
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